Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yahoo Chat Rooms - top 5 alternatives

Now that the Yahoo chat rooms are closed a lot of people are looking for other places to chat for free with strangers online. Here are the top five other chat services that let find people and chat with them for free online.

One of the most popular chat clients out there. ooVoo lets you video chat with up to 12 people simultaneously. The video quality is great and ooVoo has a huge user base. I can't recommend it enough.
Google talk and G+ messengerI use it on my phone but you can also use in on your computer. It's very easy to use and lets you chat with all your Google contacts including your old Orkut contacts. I'm still trying to figure out who most of the people on my G+ messenger contact list are however my Google talk contact list is pretty tidy. If you use Google products like Gmail or if you have an Android phone the Google messengers are a great option for you. Also I believe that having a Google+ page is a must. BTW if you are on G+ add me!
OmegleI have written extensively about Omegle in the past. All I can say at this point is that it can be fun and well random. It does have video chat but I prefer the text-only chat. Maybe I'm just shy :) Or maybe I don't want to be flashed by some random guy...
ChatrouletteMostly made for random video chatting. It's very similar to Omegle in the way it works. I found it to be very popular internationally. It also suffers from the problem of guys showing their private parts, you can always skip and/or report them but personally I would rather just go somewhere else
FacebookFacebook is surprisingly very similar to Yahoo chat rooms. Think of it as the Yahoo chat rooms without the bots. The key is to find a group or page of interest and post something there. Before you know if lots of guys will be asking you to add them and requesting that you open your cam... Sounds familiar? Yes! That's exactly what used to happen when a girl enters a Yahoo chat room and says hi.

I started a Facebook Group for all of you looking for free public chat rooms. It's a good place to discover new chat sites and meet like-minded people. Join us and add me if you like.

PS: I initially promised to write this a few weeks ago but I never got the chance, hopefully you are not too mad at me for making you wait so long for this. I'm really sorry :[

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