Monday, December 22, 2008

Qeep mobile messenger

Update: Due to issues with the site I no longer encourage my readers to join Qeep.

If your phone supports Java and you would like to chat with your friends, share photos and play games with them even when you are not in front of the computer, then Qeep is for you.
Qeep - FREE Mobile chat

What is Qeep?
Qeep is a both a global social network and a little piece of free live chat software that you can add to your mobile phone. The Qeep network is one of the leading mobile communities in the world.

Here is how it works:

1- Visit
Download Qeep to your your phone must support , JAVA MIDP 2.0 for you to use it, most mobile phones with a color screen and an integrated camera do. (You may also use Qeep on your computer but we'll talk about that later). Then launch the application to create an account and join the Qeep network, don't worry, it's free.

2-Sign in to Qeep
With your account and start surfing the profiles of Qeepers who live in your area, you may also browse profiles by interest. Send a 'nudge' to the people you're interested in or simply send them a QMS (Qeep message). If your friends are already on Qeep you may simply send them invites to join your Buddy List, or they can invite you, it works both ways.

3-Start Qeeping
After you've sent invites, nudges and QMS you'll have quite a few people on your Qeep buddy list to which you can send QMS. Visit to see a demo of the Qeep messenger in action.

With Qeep you can meet new people and make new friends. One of the most interesting features you'll find is the photo sharing. You can talk and show your photos to your friends without having to send expensive picture messages. Additionally you have unlimited space available on the network to store all our photos, so take as many as you want.

Games are also available on Qeep. As long as you have your cell phone with you, no matter where you are, at home, on the bus, the train, in a waiting room, at the airport, or wherever, you can play games, live, online, with anyone who's online and willing to play with you.

One of the fun features of Qeep is the "Sound Attack". You can 'blast' sounds out on your friends' phones. You send the sound to them and it plays on their phone, how cool is that? Plus you'll find many exclusive sounds available to attack your friends with.
Anyone, Anywhere! Qeep!
Since Qeep sends messages over your mobile carrier you will pay for QMS that you send. Indeed your mobile service provider will charge you to use any free wireless application; Qeep will never charge you anything. The good news is that QMS can cost as little as 0.1 cents. Even when they cost more they will always be a lot cheaper than regular SMS. So if you constantly send SMS to your friends and you don't have unlimited text/SMS plan you should use Qeep to save money on your cell phone bill. QMS is as easy to use as ordinary SMS, it's simply cooler and far less costly.

Not convinced? Visit and go to the "IT'S FREE?!" page to see how Qeep can save you money and what your phone bill will say at the end of the month.

If you want to see the faces- and bodies -behind Qeep simply visit the "ABOUT US" page on the site, you'll see candid photos of the Qeep team which is based in Germany.

As I said earlier you can also use Qeep on your computer. How? You simply need to go to the "QEEP WEB-VERSION" page and use it as you would on your phone. You also need to have java on your computer to use the Web-version of Qeep. Of course when you're on the web using Qeep does not cost you anything- beside what you're already paying to use the internet ...- On the web you will use a cell phone emulator. You'll be presented with an interface that's exactly like a cell phone and the application has the exact same look that it has on mobile phones. You can register and send QMS and photoblogs on the web for free.

Before you start using Qeep it's a good idea to visit the website and check out the many pages where all the features of the free mobile software are described in details. You will find the latest mobile photoblogs, it's updated regularly. Since you get to see not only the photo that was sent but also the user's ID you can invite or nudge that user if you find his/her photoblog interesting.

Since Qeep's goal is give you a fun way to spend you time and to meet new people, make new friends and connect with old ones you will find many games that you can play live. You can challenge your friends in duels, and try to break the current record. If you like games you'll certainly enjoy the live multiplayer action. When you download the Java mobile application the games are included for free. Plus, new mobile java games are added regularly so you never get bored.

Ever dreamed of taking control of your friend's phone? Well for a few seconds you can with sound attacks. They are sound effects that play on your friends' phone but that are triggered by you from your own phone. They are too fast to be stopped! So have fun and attack your friend while is next to you and unaware of what you’re doing and see her reaction, a guaranteed laugh. Blasting with sound attacks is so much better than simply ringing your friend. You can hear sample Sound Attacks on Qeep's website so go over there and find out what they sound like and which ones you absolutely have to use right away.
Qeep - FREE Mobile Community
For more information on phone requirements, downloading and using Qeep, check out the "Mobile Internet Connection" section of the Qeep website (you'll find the link at the bottom of the page). Be sure to look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" if you are having any problems and for technical support. Happy Qeeping.


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