Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Indian Chat

Are you Indian? Well you're in luck because you can join IndianFriendFinder and chat for free with other Indians including NRIs. So what are you waiting for? Who knows, you're life partner might be there right now waiting to chat with you, go ahead and give it a try. If you're not Indian you can also join IndianFriendFinder to meet friendly Indians in your area, IndianFriendFinder has members worldwide. Don't worry if you are asked to upgrade your account after your registration, upgrading is voluntary, you don't need to do it if you are not yet willing to pay. You may proceed to clicking on the chat link in the menu (after your account has been approved) to find the desired chat room and chat for free with the other members present. So >> join IndianFriendFinder now <<

Here is the list of the chat rooms you'll find on Indian friendfinder:

Hulchul Chatroom
The Hulchul Room is for people high on romance!

Nukkad Chatroom
The Nukkad Room for people who just want to talk.

Cricket Corner Chatroom
The CricketCorner is for people interested in discussing Cricket.

Jai Bollywood Chatroom
The JaiBollywood room is for movie die-hards to discuss their favorites.

Shaadi ya Barbaadi Chatroom
The Shaadi ya Barbaadi Room is for people looking for advice on marriage or those already married but just need a place to let off some steam.

India Gate Chatroom
The IndiaGate room is a place for people to discuss all things related to Indian culture.

You can be chatting with other Indian people in just moments. You can join for free, create your account, log in, and then click the CHAT link at the top of the Indian Friendfinder site. See why IndianFriendfinder is one of the largest chat & personals sites with an Indian focus.

There is a brand new Screening Room available at IndianFriendfinder. It's a room for those who want to share photos, for those who have many photos on their computer this is a good place to go and share them with the others, you'll also be able to view the photos of other members who are sharing.

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